Charles Spencer & Antony Beevor

Seventeenth century British history comes alive in Charles Spencer’s To Catch a King: Charles II’s Great Escape. It races along, telling the story of the greatest manhunt in our history. In 1649 Charles I was beheaded and, after the defeat of royalist forces at the Battle of Worcester, his son and heir seemed certain to

A legend writes about legends: Archie Macpherson 

A legend writes about legends. In his Adventures in the Golden Age: Scotland in the World Cup Finals 1974 – 1998, the legendary commentator who covered all of Scotland’s eighteen matches in the finals, reveals a fascinating story of personality clashes, managerial rages, nocturnal antics, BBC rows and the shadiness of FIFA. This year the

Dinosaurs, Big Tech and Shapeshifters

Dinosaurs, Big Tech and Shapeshifters all embody the amazing range of the Borders Book Festival’s non-fiction offering. This week we introduce you to three writers who are all brilliant communicators, and all are unmissable. As well as being a leading palaeontologist, Steve Brusatte also writes wonderfully well and has produced a fascinating account of The Rise

Frank Quitely and Mark Millar – Comic Book Legends

Bestselling Scottish writer Mark Millar is the man behind many of the biggest comic book titles and their movie adaptations in recent years. He is the author of Kingsman: The Secret Service, Kick-Ass and Wanted, which have all been made into major Hollywood films. He also created Wolverine: Old Man Logan and Civil War, Marvel’s two biggest selling graphic novels ever. The first inspired

Alistair Moffat’s Weekly Pick of the Festival: Two eminent men will grace the Baillie Gifford Borders Book Festival with their wisdom, talent, humour and learning

On Friday 15th June, John Lister-Kaye comes to talk about The Dun Cow Rib, his memoir of a lost but not forgotten childhood. I read this beautifully written, sensitive, sometimes elegiac account last year and immediately nominated as my non-fiction Scottish Book of the Year in the Christmas newspapers. So that I could recollect more