A legend writes about legends. In his Adventures in the Golden Age: Scotland in the World Cup Finals 1974 – 1998, the legendary commentator who covered all of Scotland’s eighteen matches in the finals, reveals a fascinating story of personality clashes, managerial rages, nocturnal antics, BBC rows and the shadiness of FIFA.

This year the finals in Russia mark an anniversary – 20 years since Scotland qualified for a major tournament. Our time may come again but meanwhile we can glory in the memories of Billy Bremner’s goal against Holland, David Narey’s against Brazil and shudder at the tragicomic defeats and draws at the hands of Iran, Peru, Costa Rica and Zaire when hopes were raised to dizzy heights only to be dashed on the rocks of reality as the Tartan Army was sent homewards tae think again.

Archie’s World Cup adventures are brilliantly entertaining, capturing a golden age of Scottish football in inimitable, authoritative style. He knew the players, the managers and the fans. We may never see their like again.

Archie Macpherson, McInroy & Wood Marquee, Thursday 14 June, 9.15pm, £13/11