Memories of a Lullaby - The Need to Remember and the Wish to Forget

Friday 17 June
Bruce Stevenson Marquee
7.45pm  /   £10
Memories of a Lullaby is a one-woman show about theatre-maker, performer and visual artist Saras Feijoo’s experience of growing up in Venezuela. Drawn from multiple true stories, it reveals the constant tension between horror and beauty, despair and hope. The show explores how socio-political conditions shape us as individuals, while attempting to give a perspective on how reality differs greatly depending on where we are born and raised in the world. This show is a hard-hitting exposition of existence combining storytelling, physical theatre and visual arts. At the end, not only will we have travelled 25 years of history, but also, a huge painting will have been created.

This play is also being performed as part Refugee Festival Scotland 2016

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