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TradBeats - Traditional arts re-awakened in a modern, upbeat context

Harmony Marquee  /   2.00pm - 4.00pm  /   Free  /  
Traditional arts re-awakened in a modern, upbeat context
Interactive workshop for all ages... > MORE

Borders Youth Theatre @ Work

Bruce Stevenson Marquee  /   From 2pm  /   Free  /  
The Melrose groups have created two new pieces of theatre – pfft and The Life and Times of Leon and Moira. > MORE

VOMO TV - WEB TV in action

Knight Frank Marquee  /   2.30pm onwards  /   Free  /  
VOMO (Voice Of My Own) helps young Scots to make films and TV shows about things that matter to them. At the festival, see how the weekly news is recorded, using green screen and a world-leading virtual studio! > MORE

Road to Rio?

Davidson Chalmers Storytelling Tent  /   2.15pm - 3.45pm  /   Free  /  
A well-known writer will help you to learn more about the exciting craft of writing; you will produce your own piece of creative writing... > MORE

Poetry Workshop

Davidson Chalmers Storytelling Tent  /   4.15pm - 5.15pm  /   Free  /  
Led by Mos Bow @ Cheviot Youth. Play with words. Experiment with vocal sounds. Come up with ideas. Compose your own poem... > MORE

PC Brown & Gavin Hastings Tales from the Touchline

Harmony Marquee  /   4.30pm  /   £10  /   Buy tickets
Tomorrow’s People is delighted to have the support of rugby legends Peter Brown and Gavin Hastings in this special charity fundraiser event when they’ll talk about their love of the game... > MORE

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