Saturday Adult Programme

BBC Radio 4 Bookclub with Maggie O'Farrell

Knight Frank Marquee  /   11.00am  /   Free  /   Get tickets
We are delighted to welcome Radio 4's Bookclub to the festival, presented by James Naughtie, who will be joined by Maggie O'Farrell to discuss her novel The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox... > MORE

A.A. Gill

Harmony Marquee  /   12.15pm  /   £12, £10 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Probably the most read columnist in Britain, A.A. Gill has written a dark but laugh-out-loud memoir... > MORE

Kirsty Wark, Sally Magnusson and Lisa Highton

The Times Marquee  /   1.30pm  /   £14, £12 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Both Kirsty and Sally have recently published with Two Roads, a new imprint run by Lisa Highton for publishers Hodder & Stoughton, and all three come to talk about something not well understood – the alchemy that crackles between writers and their publishers... > MORE

Alistair Moffat with Gordon Brown

Harmony Marquee  /   1.45pm  /   £12, £10 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Scotland: A History From Earliest Times is a new, single volume treatment of a vast story that brings it right up to date... > MORE

Not to scale

The Orchard  /   2.00pm  /   Free  /  
Not to Scale is a dance-theatre performance, an abstract representation of different elements, from microbes to landscapes. With striking costumes,
remarkable inventiveness, this outdoor performance in The Orchard is utterly singular. > MORE

Albert Roux

The Times Marquee  /   3.00pm  /   £14, £12 (c)  /   Buy tickets
He is arguably the most influential chef to work in Britain and his ideas and principles lie behind the amazing flowering of cooking, cookery books and TV programmes. With his brother, Michel, Albert ran Le Gavroche restaurant - the first in Britain to be awarded three Michelin stars... > MORE

The Walter Scott Prize Shortlist

Harmony Marquee  /   3.15pm  /   £10, £8 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Six superb novels have been selected for this year’s award for the best historical fiction of the year. Hear shortlisted authors Patrick Gale, Gavin McCrea, Allan Massie, Simon Mawer and Lucy Treloar tell us about their work. Check back for further confirmations. > MORE

Gordon Brown

The Times Marquee  /   4.30pm  /   £14, £12 (c)  /   Buy tickets
In a debate that culminates only four days after the end of the festival with the referendum on our membership of the European Union, Gordon Brown sets out the patriotic case for remaining part of the EU... > MORE

Scottish Opera: A Little Bit of Figaro

Scottish Opera Trailer, St Mary's Rd  /   4.30pm - 5.00pm  /   £10, £8 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Scottish Opera is back, bringing us more great pop-up operas from its theatre on wheels! In a 25-minute adaptation of Mozart’s irresistible opera... > MORE

Jo Marchant: CURE - A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body

Harmony Marquee  /   4.45pm  /   £12, £10 (C)  /   Buy tickets
The field of mind-body medicine is plagued by wild claims that mislead patients and instil false hope. But scientists in a range of fields are uncovering solid evidence that our minds influence our bodies far more profoundly than previously thought... > MORE

Graham Robb: Cols and Passes of the British Isles

Bruce Stevenson Marquee  /   4.45pm  /   £10, £8 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Graham Robb alters perspective in this beautiful book, which might be seen as a new atlas of Britain. Instead of concentrating on the peaks and the summits... > MORE

Theatre in Scotland: A Field of Dreams

Knight Frank Marquee  /   5.00pm  /   £8, £6 (c)  /   Buy tickets
This collection of reviews over 30 years by Joyce McMillan is a panoramic overview of the remarkable history of Scottish theatre as reported from the front line by one of the nation’s leading commentators and thinkers... > MORE

Scottish Opera: A Little Bit of Figaro

Scottish Opera Trailer, St Mary's Rd  /   5.30pm - 6.00pm  /   £10, £8 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Scottish Opera is back, bringing us more great pop-up operas from its theatre on wheels! In a 25-minute adaptation of Mozart’s irresistible opera... > MORE

The Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction

The Times Marquee  /   6.15pm - 7pm  /   £10, £8 (c)  /   Buy tickets
From a shortlist of six, the winner of the Walter Scott Prize will be announced by its sponsor, Richard Buccleuch... > MORE

Douglas Alexander - From Renfrew to Rwanda - the World Through a Different Lens

Harmony Marquee  /   6.15pm  /   £12, £10 (c)  /   Buy tickets
As a writer, former cabinet minister, and now working with U2’s lead singer, Bono, on international development, Douglas Alexander has travelled a fair few miles in the past 20 years... > MORE

Jim Sillars

Bruce Stevenson Marquee  /   6.15pm  /   £12, £10 (c)  /   Buy tickets
One of the best and most sincere orators in Scottish politics, Jim has never ceased to add spark to debate, sometimes even fire, and his latest intervention is characteristically controversial... > MORE

First Lady

Knight Frank Marquee  /   6.30pm  /   £8, £6 (c)  /   Buy tickets
The Life and Wars of Clementine Churchill is a compelling story, and Sonia Purnell sheds a completely new light on this complex woman who stood in the shadow of history... > MORE

Scottish Opera : A Little Bit of Mikado

Scottish Opera Trailer, St Mary's Rd  /   6.45pm - 7.15pm  /   £10, £8 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Scottish Opera is back, bringing us more great pop-up operas from its theatre on wheels! This 25-minute adaptation of one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular comic operas features some of their most recognisable tunes... > MORE

Jonathan Dimbleby

The Times Marquee  /   7.45pm  /   £14, £12 (c)  /   Buy tickets
The Battle of the Atlantic: How the Allies Won the War is an epic story told by a brilliant storyteller. Best known for decades of front-line TV and radio broadcasting, Jonathan turns out to be an excellent historian... > MORE

Celia Imrie

The Times Marquee  /   7.45pm  /   £14, £12 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Celia is not just a great actress, but she's also a superb novalist... > MORE

Gin is Still in

Bruce Stevenson Marquee  /   8.00pm  /   £15.00  /   Buy tickets
In response to popular demand, and we mean bang the table demand, Geraldine Coates returns... > MORE

The Mauricewood Devils

Knight Frank Marquee  /   8.00pm  /   £10, £8 (c)  /   Buy tickets
In 1889 disaster struck the Mauricewood Pit near Edinburgh and 63 miners were killed. Dorothy Alexander has written a gripping, semi-fictionalised account of the Mauricewood widows’ fight for justice... > MORE

Frederick Forsyth

The Times Marquee  /   9.15pm  /   £14, £12 (c)  /   Buy tickets
A giant in the world of bestsellers, author of The Day of the Jackal - the historical novel that defined modern thriller writing - Frederick Forsyth has written an autobiography that is also a page-turner... > MORE

Sara Pascoe

Harmony Marquee  /   9.15pm  /   £12, £10 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Take a funny and illuminating tour of the female body with award winning comedian Sara Pascoe. Sara has joked about femininity and sexuality on stage and screen but now she has written a book about it... > MORE

Colin MacIntyre: Words and Music

Bruce Stevenson Marquee  /   9.30pm  /   £10  /   Buy tickets
Colin first rose to fame as an award-winning songwriter and musician, performing as Mull Historical Society and touring worldwide alongside The Strokes, REM and Elbow. Now he adds award-winning novelist to the string of accolades with his debut title The Letters of Ivor Punch... > MORE

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