Sunday Adult Programme

Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon

Bruce Stevenson Marquee  /   12.00 - 1.30pm  /   £12  /   Buy tickets
After a sell-out performance at last year’s festival, fabulous jazz trio Colin Steele (trumpet), Brian Shiels (double bass) and Graeme Stephen (guitar) join us in our new stretch marquee to help you ease your way into Sunday afternoon... > MORE

Nine Authors, Nine Books

Knight Frank Marquee  /   12.00pm  /   £6  /   Buy tickets
Nine lives, and more - including Familiar Yet Far: The Story of Oisin Kelly by Iona Carroll; Oliver Eade’s Voices - a tale of murder and abuse where all is not what it seems... > MORE

The Future of the World (in 60 Minutes)

Harmony Marquee  /   1.45pm  /   £12, £10 (c)  /   Buy tickets
In an increasingly challenging world, it’s always reassuring to know there are people out there who get the issues and have an inkling of how to tackle them. Fresh from offering her latest career advice as Mrs Moneypenny in the Financial Times, author and business leader Heather McGregor will share her thoughts on how to solve the problems of the world... > MORE

Jay Rayner - My Dining Hell

The Times Marquee  /   2pm  /   £14, £12 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Jay Rayner, the Observer’s restaurant critic for over 15 years, has written reviews of over 700 establishments, and he’s learned that while readers like reviews, they love reviews of bad restaurants... > MORE

Scottish Opera: A Little Bit of Mikado

Scottish Opera Trailer, St Mary's Rd  /   2.15pm - 2.45pm  /   £10, £8 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Scottish Opera is back, bringing us more great pop-up operas from its theatre on wheels! This 25-minute adaptation of one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular comic operas features some of their most recognisable tunes... > MORE

The American Primaries

The Times Marquee  /   3.30pm  /   £14, £12 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Jim Naughtie has covered US presidential elections for many years, but this year it has been different. He has been following the remarkable campaigns of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders as they fight to become presidential candidates... > MORE

Summers Under the Tamarind Tree with Sumayya Usmani

Bruce Stevenson Marquee  /   3.30pm  /   £10, £8 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Summers Under the Tamarind Tree: Recipes and Memories from Pakistan is a treasure - personal, beautiful and full of good things to eat... > MORE

Scottish Opera : A Little Bit of Figaro

Scottish Opera Trailer, St Mary's Rd  /   4.00pm - 4.30pm  /   £10, £8 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Scottish Opera is back, bringing us more great pop-up operas from its theatre on wheels! In a 25-minute adaptation of Mozart’s irresistible opera, A Little Bit of Figaro... > MORE

Tom Devine

Harmony Marquee  /   4.45pm  /   £12, £10 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Independence or Union: Scotland’s Past and Scotland’s Present is Tom’s new treatment of an old relationship. In European history, there can be none more creative, significant, vexed and uneasy than that between Scotland and England... > MORE

Capability Brown and Belvoir Castle

Knight Frank Marquee  /   4.45pm  /   £10, £8 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Emma, Duchess of Rutland, has written an account of a wonderful discovery at Belvoir - one that lay under their very noses... > MORE

Phill Jupitus

The Times Marquee  /   5.00pm  /   £14, £12 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Hilarious stand-up comedian, actor, artist, west end star, DJ, poet ... > MORE

Patrick Gale

Bruce Stevenson Marquee  /   5.00pm  /   £10, £8 (c)  /   Buy tickets
His brilliant new novel A Place Called Winter has been shortlisted for the Walter Scott Prize and the Costa Novel Award. Loosely based on a real life family mystery > MORE

Gervase Phinn

Harmony Marquee  /   6.15pm  /   £12, £10 (c)  /   Buy tickets
When Gervase last came to Melrose, the marquee rocked with laughter at his wonderful vignettes that brought life in the Yorkshire Dales pungently alive. A Lesson in Love is the latest instalment in the series of novels ... > MORE

James Crawford : Fallen Glory

Knight Frank Marquee  /   6.15pm  /   £10, £8 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Jamie Crawford has written a very different kind of history by writing the biographies of buildings - lost or ruined buildings that are eloquent about how society has moved on. From the Tower of Babel to the Twin Towers... > MORE

Inside Top Gear

The Times Marquee  /   6.30pm  /   £14, £12 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Richard Porter was script editor for all of Top Gear’s 13 years and he reveals everything that went on behind the scenes of this global TV phenomenon... > MORE

Beloved Poison

Bruce Stevenson Marquee  /   6.30pm  /   £8, £6 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Are you brave enough to face amputation without anaesthetic? Before 1847, you wouldn’t have had a choice. Medical historian, Elaine Thomson, will tell us about the inspiration for her dark crime novel Beloved Poison set mainly in the crumbling St Saviour’s Infirmary... > MORE

Helen McGinn: The Knackered Mother Develops a Habit

Harmony Marquee  /   7.45pm  /   £15.00  /   Buy tickets
Returning to the Borders for a triumphant third visit, Helen McGinn is an expert guide to direct the busy, tired and uncertain away from daft wine buys towards the good stuff... > MORE

Gregor Fisher

The Times Marquee  /   8.00pm  /   £14, £12 (c)  /   Buy tickets
The BAFTA winning actor, best known for his creation of the beloved and bedraggled Rab C Nesbitt, has published a warm and funny memoir... > MORE

Porky the Poet

Bruce Stevenson Marquee  /   8.15pm  /   £12, £10 (c)  /   Buy tickets
Before he featured on our favourite panel shows, QI and Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Phill Jupitus had made his name in the 1980s as a performance poet. Quickly rising to prominence he supported such bands as The Style Council, The Who... > MORE

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