Isla Blair

Sunday 15 June
Born in the Borders Marquee
4.45PM  /   £9, £7(C)

Isla is well known as a fine actress with a tremendous screen presence, but in A Tiger’s Wedding, she reveals herself as a fine writer. This is the extraordinary autobiographical story of a little girl born on a tea plantation in India but sent back to Britain at the age of six by well-meaning parents. Back home was a cold, gloomy, post-war Scotland, the land of icy mornings, liberty bodices and loneliness. And for years Isla nursed an amazing secret. After becoming one of the youngest students at RADA, training alongside the likes of Anthony Hopkins, she plunged into the whirl of life in London and the swinging Sixties. A fascinating life, beautifully told. A Tiger’s Wedding was shortlisted for the Sheridan Morley Prize. Isla will be in conversation with her husband, the distinguished actor, Julian Glover.

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