June 2004 saw a small literary gathering take place in the old Wynd Theater in the middle of Melrose, the brainchild of Alistair Moffat; what started with a few speakers and an audience of 400 has turned into a 4 day extravaganza with an audience of 25,300 in 2016. We’ve certainly come a long way since June 2004, when Paula Ogilvie walked into The Wynd Theatre in Melrose, shook her head and headed across the road to borrow some pot plants to make the stage look more inviting. That was the beginning of a great partnership between Alistair & Paula who are still running things today (with the assistance of a few others).

From the Wynd Theatre, we moved on to the Corn Exchange then Melrose Festival Ball Marquee before landing in Harmony Garden. In 2014 we expanded into The Orchard just over the wall from Harmony Garden – we’ve now got Tipi’s, stretch tents, old fire engines selling hot dogs, a creme brulee van and lots of coffee!

This year we’ve come full circle and have one of our first ever guests returning for the first time – we’re delighted to welcome Melvyn Bragg back to Melrose. I’m sure he’ll notice a few changes from his first visit!